Art of Living

You know that every one wanna to live happy in his/her life. No one wanna to live with pain. So here is an trick that u can live with happiness in her life. You have to start and keep smiles on your face. And live busy with work which u most like. Try to think positive , for this u can visit an garden , temples, beautiful places etc. May be this help u to live better in your life.

sorry for my English.

A Little knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

It is a well known and time tested proverb that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. For example, the man who knows that drinking juice is useful for health, decides to drink only juice instead of water. Whenever he feels thirsty, he drinks juice not water. This continued for weeks and months. At the end of two months, he finds himself seriously sick. He goes to the doctor to consult about his sickness. The doctor examined his blood and found the lack of some essential minerals in his body. When he was asked why it happened, he told him that it was due to lack of water in his body. Then he realized his folly and repeated the proverb that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.